Bethesda is already promising more Starfield changes after patch

Starfield's biggest update yet arrived this week, and players wasted no time responding to the extensive patch notes with their own list of requests for future updates. Bethesda has since responded to a bunch of those new requests, confirming a whole laundry list of additional fixes still to come. In the main Reddit thread discussing the Starfield patch notes released *checks notes* yesterday, hundreds of commenters debate what could be done to further improve Bethesda's spacefaring RPG. In the top reply, a Bethesda spokesperson collates a list of player requests and responds to each one in kind, clarifying the studio's stance and providing answers as to whether or not they're in consideration, in active development, ready to deploy with the next patch, or none of the above. For example, one Reddit user replied to the patch notes with: "And still no apartment fix for New Atlantis?" They're seemingly referring to a bug that can cause you to lose all of your stuff. Bethesda responded:


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