Dead by Daylight Developer Has Laid off Around 45 Employees

Another developer has joined the increasingly long list of companies in the games industry that have companies that have initiated layoffs in the early weeks of 2024, continuing the brutal waves of job cuts that devastated the industry the entirety of last year. As reported by Kotaku, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that it has laid off about 45 of its employees, with multiple different departments being affected. Behaviour Interactive said in a statement, “Recently, changing market conditions necessitated adjusting the scope of several Behaviour projects.In these situations, our preference is always to reassign talent to other projects. Unfortunately, this option is not always available to us. These departures represented less than 3% of our total workforce.” Behaviour Interactive announced in November that Dead by Daylight had surpassed 60 million players. The company is also expanding the horror IP through collaborations with other developers. Supermassive Games is developing a single player narrative-driven adventure game in the form of The Casting of Frank Stone, while Midwinter Entertainment is working on a new PvE multiplayer game also set in the Dead by Daylight universe. In a little over two weeks, 2024 has already seen over 3,000 people in the games industry losing their jobs, with the likes of Unity, Twitch, Discord, CI Games, Lost Boys Interactive, Thunderful Group, and others being hit with layoffs. All of 2023 – which was already a devastating year in terms of layoffs – saw over 6,000 job cuts across the entirety of the year.


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