Elden Ring Starts a Trend that Shadow of the Erdtree May Follow

It's been nearly two years since Elden Ring took the world by storm, and though countless fans are eagerly awaiting the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, FromSoftware has been remarkably tight-lipped about the expansion. Naturally, there has been no shortage of speculation as to what content Shadow of the Erdtree may feature. Given the scale and ambition of the Elden Ring base game, it's reasonable to assume that the upcoming DLC will shoot for the stars. In terms of breadth of content, players are expecting quite a bit from Shadow of the Erdtree. After all, a single Elden Ring playthrough can easily last over 100 hours, and while the post-launch content may not approach this marathon-level playtime, it could very well exceed the length and scope of most typical DLCs. Whether it's vast and sprawling or tight and focused, it's crucial that Shadow of the Erdtree recapture the strengths of the base game, building upon its strong foundations and avoiding some of its pitfalls. With this in mind, it's possible that FromSoftware will choose to further emphasize one significant aspect of the Elden Ring base game: its PvP and multiplayer elements.


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