Final Fantasy 16 Reportedly Coming to Xbox Series X|S

Final Fantasy 16 is supposedly making its way to Xbox Series X|S. Exclusive games are an important piece of a console. Nowadays, the hardware is mostly similar enough that the average person isn't going to have a dramatically different experience on one console versus another. Yes, there are hardware differences, but the bulk of people buying these machines don't care much about that, they care about what they play. For years, PlayStation has been the place to go if you want really cinematic single player games and Xbox has been the place to go for long lasting multiplayer experiences. However, it's hard to deny that people of all types wouldn't be swayed by games like Final Fantasy, Spider-Man, or even Halo, one of the premiere shooters. With that said, PlayStation has kept an iron grip on some franchises such as Final Fantasy and made it difficult for Xbox players to get into the series. We have had some games like Final Fantasy XV day and date on both consoles, but Final Fantasy VII Remake has been kept to the PS4 and PS5 for console players. Earlier this year, Final Fantasy XVI was released to rave reviews and it was also released exclusively on PS5. There are rumbling sthat Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to Xbox at some point, but there are also rumors courtesy of Shpeshal Nick on The Infinite Podcast that Final Fantasy XVI will come to Xbox Series X|S. He noted he doesn't know when, but the same source gave him information on Visions of Mana showing up during the Xbox Developer Direct, something that did end up coming to fruition as a secret fifth game despite the show promising 4 games.


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