Indiana Jones Video Game Sparks Uncharted Comparisons

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle's announcement has some gamers drawing comparisons to Sony's Uncharted series. The new Indiana Jones video game is coming to Xbox consoles from Bethesda. As any fast-paced action game with combat elements and stealth, the comparisons wsere always going to crop up between Naughty Dog's beloved series and a potential newcomer. The last 15 years have seen a large number of gamers becoming enamored with the Uncharted series and Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider reboot entries. Bethesda is probably hoping that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle ends up being as commercially successful as those two franchises have been. The early results look promising. Funnily enough, there is some shared DNA between the two projects as well. Troy Baker will voice the iconic adventurer. He plays Sam Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. PlayStation fans will also bring his time as Joel from The Last of Us up as well. So, the contrasts will be all around. Here's how Bethesda describes Indiana Jones and the Great Circle:


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