Palworld Broke Its Concurrent Player Record Yet Again

The runaway success of Palworld continues as the game has once again shattered its concurrent player count on Steam with millions of active users. The launch of the mash-up of survival and monster-catching games last week has seen overwhelming popularity, taking the internet by storm and seeing players flock to the game. The newest game from developer Pocket Pair would sell over 7 million copies on Steam within just five days of its launch, also releasing Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass. Now, the game has once again exceeded one of its own records. The popularity of Palworld has seen plenty of fans draw comparisons between the new game and other popular franchises. The game's titular Pals have been one of its most popular aspects, taking inspiration from franchises like Pokemon with its mix of cute and imposing designs. However, the game goes beyond its monster-catching inspiration and offers a variety of survival game aspects including base-building, a crafting system, and more. Now, players are clearly loving Palworld as the game once again shatters the 2 million concurrent players mark.


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