Skill-rich action RPG Last Epoch will finally release in February

The wheels of game development roll on, and action RPG Last Epoch has a release date: February 21, 2024. First released back in 2019, Last Epoch bills itself as an isometric action RPG fan's ARPG, developed by and for people who love a big pile of customizable skills and loot and a horde of baddies to plow through. The 1.0 release will be considered the complete game, with the Warlock and Falconer classes forthcoming. It will also include two Item Factions, a system designed to let players choose between collecting loot themselves or participating in a broader marketplace of trading gear with others. After release, the Eleventh Hour team intends to release updates every few months in what they're calling "Cycles" that will include "end-game content, skills, unique items, gameplay systems, quality-of-life features, etc." Back in 2019 PC Gamer called Last Epoch a great new action RPG. "Last Epoch's skill system is a brilliant evolution of Path of Exile’s labyrinthine web of upgrades and Diablo 3’s rune modifications," said Eric Watson, who also called out the music as a high point. We checked back in with Last Epoch in 2023, when it showed off four years of updates at Gamescom alongside the runemaster, one of its 15 classes, after having launched multiplayer. At the time, Eleventh Hour CEO Judd Cobler talked about how much work it is to get ARPG-style multiplayer working.


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