Tekken 8 PS5 File Size Revealed

Bandai Namco revealed the file size for Tekken 8's PS5 version, which will take up less space than the PC version will. Tekken 8 is one of the most anticipated games to launch in 2024, following Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, and other impressive fighting games that were released in 2023. Bandai Namco's eighth round of the King of Iron Fist tournament boasts an impressive 32-character roster, featuring returning characters like Jun Kazama and Leroy Smith, along with brand-new fighters like Azucena and Reina. With Tekken 8 being a next-gen AAA game, the system requirements for the fighter have also been bumped up for PC users. For example, one of last year's most notable fighting games, Street Fighter 6, required 60 GB of available space on PC in order to play the game. Tekken 8 has a similarly massive file size, though different sizes can be seen depending on which platform gamers are playing the game on.


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