The Day Before Servers Have Been Shut Down

The Day Before servers have official been shut down, putting an end to Fntastic's zombie survival title. After a highly controversial launch, it was announced last month that The Day Before would be shutting down its servers on January 22, 2024. The release of The Day Before was one of the most controversial gaming stories of last year. After a series of delays and a copyright dispute over the game's name, The Day Before finally launched to overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam, with many players calling for refunds and accusing the game of being an outright scam. The Day Before's reviews and overall feedback were so bad that developer Fntastic decided to shut down just four days after the game's Steam debut. Accusations of false advertising and critiques of the game's price tag eventually caused the player count to quickly plummet, leaving Fntastic and publisher Mytona with the decision to shut down the servers for good, marking the end for a game that was once at the top of Steam's wish list.


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