Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy Confirms a Bunch of New Features

Aspyr shared tons of new information regarding the Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered collection, mostly about how the original games' gameplay and art have been revamped for the collection's release on February 14. The remastered Tomb Raider games will be available for purchase on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered was first announced in September at the Nintendo Direct event. During this announcement, it was revealed that Aspyr was developing the collection. Aspyr specializes in porting games and has decades of experience doing so, and even handled Tomb Raider 2's MacOS port back in 1998. The collection's initial reveal included a short gameplay trailer that gave fans a small glimpse into what the remastered games would look like, but details have otherwise remained hard to come by, until now.


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