When Is Palworld Adding PvP, and How Will It Work?

Palworld didn't launch with PvP in place so that players could battle against one another, though the lack of that feature apparently did little to stand in the way of the game's success so far. But regardless of how successful it's been already, players are already amassing their Pals and arming them to tooth and claw with guns and other offensive measures in hopes of one day engaging in PvP battles. So, if it's not ready now, when will PvP actually be implemented, and what form might it take whenever Palworld developer Pocketpair does add it? The answer to the first question isn't so clear since Pocketpair hasn't yet shared an official roadmap showing what it's working on next and when new features will be added, but on the topic of how PvP will be implemented, we at least know where Palworld boss Takuro Mizobe is looking thanks to a new interview.


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