Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Add Mod Support on All Platforms Later This Year

It doesn’t look like Larian Studios has any plans to release DLC for Baldur’s Gate 3 (at least not in the foreseeable future), but with e bevy of hotfixes and larger patches, the developer has supported the acclaimed RPG well since launch. Later this year, another major new feature will be coming to the game in the form of full mod support. Taking to Twitter, Larian Studios’ head of publishing Michael Douse revealed that the developer has been working on cross-platform mod support for a while. Though work is still ongoing, the current plan is to release it for all platforms sometime later this year. “We generally don’t talk about things til they’re ready, but as you may have read, we’re making an exception,” Douse wrote. “We’ve been working on a robust, cross-platform plan for mod support to be released later in [the] year. We love our modding community and we want to support them. It’s coming.


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