Deep Rock Galactic's first spin-off is out now in Early Access

Deep Rock Galactic remains one of the most beloved games on Steam and a jewel in the crown of Satisfactory and Valheim publisher Coffee Stain, holding an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 97% Steam rating from over 218,000 user reviews. But this time, DRG developer Ghost Ship Games is taking its own turn in the publishing seat to launch Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, a new roguelike survival shooter that brings Vampire Survivors style ‘bullet heaven’ combat to the world of rock and stone, and it arrives on Steam today. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor reimagines the beloved first-person co-op shooter as a single-player survival game. While you might not have your trusty companions by your side, then, you do have over 40 weapons at your disposal, including many of your favorites from DRG, as you tunnel down into the caverns of planet Hoxxes in search of glorious loot. The immediate comparisons to be drawn are to the many auto-shooting roguelike games led by the genre’s biggest success story so far, Vampire Survivors. But Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is still a Deep Rock game at heart, and that means you’re there to mine precious resources, dig ever deeper, and hopefully extract safely at the end of it all.


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