Elden Ring Player Count Spikes After Shadow of the Erdtree Reveal

Elden Ring's player count on Steam has seen a significant jump since the reveal of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC expansion, ballooning up to nearly double where it was just a week ago. Excitement for the Elden Ring expansion has been building for some time, but it appears the first look at the new content is actually getting fans to jump back in and potentially attracting some new players as well. The 2022 Game of the Year winner continues to sell well, as Elden Ring has passed another sales milestone just recently. Two years after its release, gamers are still discovering new details in FromSoftware's open-world, tough-as-nails action RPG. With the promise of new content on the horizon, many players are likely starting new playthroughs or finally grinding through those final bosses before Shadow of the Erdtree launches this summer.


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