Enshrouded Crosses 1 Million Players in Four Days

Despite Pocketpair’s Palworld garnering all the hype and attention, Keen Games’ Enshrouded still managed to attract a respectable number of players. Four days after launching into early access, the developer confirmed that the survival crafting title garnered over one million players. “We are completely blown away by its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all our players.” It had a peak concurrent total of 160,405 players about 20 hours ago, per SteamDB. Though there have been peaks and valleys since its launch, the peak player count has steadily increased. Enshrouded is only available for PC via Steam Early Access – check out our review here. It takes place in the ruins of a fantasy world, with a dangerous Shroud engulfing almost everything. As the Flameborn, players must stake out a place, rescuing NPCs and venturing into enshrouded regions to ultimately push back the treacherous fog. Like Valheim, players can create extensive bases, craft and discover powerful gear and equipment, and take on powerful bosses. It supports up to 16 players in one map, with everything hand-crafted and tons of content to discover. There will be new biomes, resources, recipes, additional skills, building materials and more over the early access period, so stay tuned for more updates.


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