Fallout was about to be free, but Epic changed its mind

The classic old Fallout games are among the most iconic PC RPGs ever, so we were very much looking forward to even more people getting the chance to discover them thanks to an upcoming deal that would see Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics all become free games on the Epic Games Store. Sadly, however, the Fortnite and Unreal Tournament developer has seemingly had a change of heart, replacing them instead with a new game. The trio of Fallout games were set to be the weekly Epic free games for February 22-29, but the listing has now been replaced by 2D platformer Super Meat Boy Forever. You’ll no longer be able to get the classic RPG games for nothing, then, although it’s not all bad news as you can instead grab the 2020 sequel to one of the best indie platformers as a free PC game. Quite why this change has been made is unclear, although it’s worth noting that Fallout is free for Prime Gaming subscribers this month, so it’s possible that this clash caused Epic to decide to offer something else instead. There’s also a chance that the schedule has simply been shifted around and we’ll see the apocalyptic RPGs make a return – Brotherhood of Steel, Deathclaws, and all – to be made free at a later date. We’ll keep hoping.


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