Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Video Shows How Much Nibelheim Has Changed

A fan has compared the recently launched Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo with cutscenes from the original game to show what has changed since players last explored the doomed town of Nibelheim. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth isn’t set to launch in full until the end of February, but eager fans can experience part of this next chapter ahead of time thanks to a playable demo released following last week’s State of Play livestream. Said demo features one of the most important sequences in the sprawling Final Fantasy 7 lore: Cloud Strife’s flashback to the fateful mission in his hometown of Nibelheim. What begins as a simple investigation of some monster sightings near one of Shinra’s Mako reactors soon takes a tragic turn as Sephiroth, once considered to be the greatest hero Midgar had ever known, discovers his true nature as the “son” of the dreaded beast Jenova and embarks on a new mission to destroy the Planet - starting with Nibelheim itself. The image of Sephiroth standing amid the flames of the ruined town remains one of the most iconic scenes in the Final Fantasy series, and it and the events leading up to it have been depicted in multiple Final Fantasy 7 spin-off projects over the years.


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