FromSoftware Reveals Elden Ring Has An Undiscovered Secret

Just when fans thought they had explored everything in The Lands Between and were gearing up for their next journey in Elden Ring, FromSoftware has revealed that there is a secret yet to be discovered. In the past few days, the Elden Ring community has been parsing the Shadow of Erdtree DLC trailer for more lore-related hints, but it seems like there is some work left to be done in the base game as well. The Soulsborne genre is well known for captivating players with its intricate design and challenging gameplay. It often takes the community several years to connect the dots and understand certain aspects of the games, and Elden Ring was no exception. In fact, even two years after the release of the game, players are still discovering secrets, with another reference to the duality of Radagon and Marika in Elden Ring being one of the most recent ones. Amid that, the developers have stirred curiosity in the community with their latest statement.


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