Helldivers 2 Finally Adds AFK Timer To Free Up Server Space

Helldivers 2 has been an unbelievable success, even beating Grand Theft Auto 5's all-time player peak on Steam. But Arrowhead didn't plan for half a million players, so servers are buckling under the pressure. Many have been staying logged in while they go to work, school, or sleep to skip the queue and get right back into the fray when they're able, only making matters worse. Thankfully, Arrowhead has implemented an AFK timer to mitigate this problem, kicking inactive players so that those who want to spread democracy and kill some bugs stand a chance of getting in. As reported by Eurogamer, you'll now be sent back to the title screen if you're idle for 15 minutes. This should free up more space, but since hundreds of thousands of players are still trying to get in all at once, it'll be a while before things are completely smooth.


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