Helldivers 2 Is Never Getting a PvP Mode

Don't expect to kill other players in Helldivers 2 (outside of accidentals, of course). Helldivers 2 is one of the biggest games of 2024 already, breaking records for PlayStation with its PC release and attracting a huge crowd of players. The game was prominently featured a few times at some of PlayStation's State of Plays and other related events, but it didn't seem like it was generating any kind of notable hype from those showings. It seemed like a game that would probably come and go, but not completely set social media ablaze with hype upon release. It has been a huge hit thus far and even resulted in major server issues given how many people are playing the game. A lot of players are offering their feedback on how to improve the game or things they'd like to see in the future, but Arrowhead Game Studios is pushing back on some of these ideas. One player suggested that Helldivers 2 should add a PvP mode in the future, but players should "never" expect that. CEO of Arrowhead Johan Pilestedt was quick to shoot down the idea of PvP, as they want to reduce "toxic" elements from the community and foster something that is supportive and inspires people to come together. As of right now, Helldivers 2 only allows you to partner up in squads of 4 to kill bugs and robots. You can kill your friends if you want to, but it's only because friendly fire exists and not because the game actively encourages you to fight your friends. The entire game is built around the idea of players working together against a common goal and spreading democracy across the galaxy. Having something competitive like PvP would probably go directly against many of Helldivers 2's larger themes and philosophies.


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