Japanese Celebrities Reportedly Told Not To Speak About Palworld

Palworld is far from the first Pokemon clone to hit the market; Temtem, Cassette Beasts, and Coromon are just a few games that mimic Pokemon to a higher degree than Palworld. Despite these similarities, The Pokemon Company has never, to the public’s knowledge, applied significant pressure on these games’ developers. Just over a week ago, The Pokemon Company released a statement ostensibly about Palworld. Though, they never officially named the game, instead referring to it as “another company’s game released in January 2024.” According to the statement, the company is currently investigating potential copyright infringement. Palworld developer Pocketpair hasn’t released a response as yet. Today, Tokyo Sports (and VGC) reported that a Japanese talent agency has informed its talent to not reference Palworld on social media so potential “future collaborations” with The Pokemon Company are not compromised.


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