More Hi-Fi Rush Leaks Point to PS5, Switch Releases

For the last few weeks, rumors have been circulating about a multi-platform release for Hi-Fi Rush. Currently an Xbox exclusive, many believe that the game will come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 in the near future. Last month, ratings for the game leaked online from the Australian Ratings Board, and another discovery seems to point to Switch and Xbox versions. A recent datamine has discovered in-game t-shirts that can be worn by protagonist Chai. There are three designs that appear to match the colors of each platform: green for Xbox, blue for PlayStation, and red for Nintendo Switch. The Xbox t-shirt says "Shadow Dropped," the PlayStation design says "I'm Here Baby!" and the red one reads "Rock Out! Anywhere." The designs were first shared on the Hi-Fi Rush subreddit, where there were a number of questions about their validity. However, these t-shirts have since been verified by The Verge's Tom Warren, who has noted that the designs are indeed in the game. Warren's Tweet containing the three designs can be found in the Tweet embedded below.


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