MultiVersus Steam Update Hints At Potential News Soon

MultiVersus has been gone for quite a while now, with no real hints as to exactly when it'll be coming back. We had an official announcement at the end of 2023 that news would be shared "in the coming months", but we've had radio silence ever since. Daniel Ross, the voice actor for Uncle Shagworthy, Stripe, and Gizmo, also tweeted a rather cryptic smiley face emoji at the start of this month, hinting at incoming news, but our biggest clue has come from Steam. First spotted by MultiVersus dataminer MultiverSusie, it seems as though two new apps were recently published to Steam, both of which are linked to MultiVersus. We don't know exactly what these apps include, but the main theory is that these are new and updated Founders Packs that have been added to Steam in preparation for the game's return to the platform's storefront. MultiverSusie also mentions that something like this happened with the beta's Founder's Packs as well.


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