New Halo Tease Catches the Attention of Xbox Fans

A new Halo tease has caught the attention of Xbox fans on Xbox Series X|S and PC. As you may know, it's been an underwhelming many years for Halo fans. More specifically, it's been an underwhelming 14 years since the release of Halo: Reach, the final game in the series from Bungie. Under the stewardship of 343 Industries, Halo has been alright, but Halo 4, Halo 5, and Halo Infinite have failed to resonate in the same way as their legendary predecessors. This is represented by the fact that there are more Halo fans already looking forward to what is next than enjoying Halo Infinite. To this end, what is next? Well, apparently "new era" for the series. Recently, 343 Industries hired Chris Matthews to fulfill the role of Studio Art Director. How well Matthews will fill the role, remains to be seen, but he's already succeeding in the teasing department. Upon his arrival, he noted he is "excited about the opportunity to help lead Halo into a very exciting new era." This could just be generic PR gibberish, but it has caught the attention of Xbox fans. More specifically, the "new era" part as it might indicate a new direction for the series. It also may point to the next mainline Halo game being a next-gen Xbox game. The timing of this tidbit circulating also plays into the speculation as this verbiage comes on the back of rumors that Xbox is bringing its games to PS5, including Halo Infinite. Could this what is meant by "new era"?


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