Overwatch 2 Players Not Happy About Hitbox Changes With Season 9

Overwatch 2's new Season 9 update has made some significant changes to the projectile sizes of many heroes, and some fans are not happy. This is only one of the major changes introduced with Overwatch 2's newest update. Overwatch 2's Season 9 began today on February 13 and introduced a brand-new system for Competitive in addition to making major changes to health and healing. All heroes had their total HP increased by varying percentages and were also given a passive healing ability that was previously limited to Support heroes. These were pretty controversial changes when first announced, but Blizzard hopes that a new meta in Season 9 will encourage a faster style of play thanks to DPS heroes, in particular, not needing to rely on the healing abilities of their Support counterparts as much. However, another change has caught the attention of many Overwatch 2 fans.


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