Palworld Players Defeat A Boss With Campfires

Palworld is a game that essentially sends you out into the big open world, pats you on the back, and says "good luck". With only a handful of tutorials to guide you, you're mostly left to fend for yourself, find shelter, and craft weapons to take down the more fierce Pals out there. It promotes creativity, asking fans to find their own solutions to the game's toughest challenges, and I doubt you'll find a more unique way to take down a boss than this. If you've played Palworld, you'll more than likely be familiar with Mammorest. While it can be found as a generic Pal, most people will encounter a big boss version of the creature close to the starting area, almost like Palworld's version of the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring. You are far too underleveled to take it on as soon as you see it, but that didn't stop one group of adventurers from taking it down in the most fiery way imaginable.


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