Rumor: New Switch 2 Game Leaked

A recent report suggests that Xbox-published rhythm/action game Hi-Fi Rush could be making its way to the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever Nintendo's Switch follow-up ends up being called. Hi-Fi Rush is one of the four Xbox-published games that the company has decided to bring to competing platforms. However, it is only confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 5 so far. Rumors were swirling about Xbox potentially going multi-platform, but it was later clarified that only select first-party games would be releasing on competing consoles. Xbox narrowed down its initial multi-platform efforts to four titles specifically, confirming Grounded and Pentiment for PS5 and Switch, with Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves coming to PS5. Nintendo gamers are left out when it comes to Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves, but there is some hope that they may get to play the former on a Nintendo console at some point down the line.


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