Slime Rancher 2 adds a pile of new gadgets to play with

A new update for Slime Rancher 2's early access build has wildly overhauled the ways in which you can customize the world of rainbow island and your slime ranch. The brand new Gadgets My Way update, released on February 8, expands the system of slime interaction with gadgets, comprehensively overhauls the system for building things, and adds some 36 new gadgets to explore and find around the island. Perhaps most pressingly, you can now build a giant pinball machine of sorts, complete with bumpers, and shoot your slimes into it to bounce around. This is self-evidently a good thing. That's because you can now build gadgets anywhere, and slimes will be able to interact with them all over the place. You can build a theme park out in the wild for them to enjoy, or one closer to home. You can also place new decorations, chairs—all manner of things, really. As part of that, every zone in the world has had some minor expansions added on to them. That key part of the update is due to an overhauled building system and all those new gadgets, some of which are quite large.


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