Sony Wants to be More “Aggressive” with Multiplatform PC Releases

Recent years have seen Sony expanding its presence in the PC gaming space significantly, with the likes of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man having seen impressive success on the platform. Much more recently, Arrowhead Game Studios-developed co-op third-person shooter Helldivers 2 launched simultaneously on PS5 and PC, and has attracted a sizeable playerbase on the latter, even becoming Sony’s biggest launch on the platform to date. And it seems the company has every intention to not only keep heading in that direction, but even accelerate its plans. During a recent Q&A session as part of its quarterly earnings briefing, Sony president and PlayStation chairman Hiroki Totoki spoke about the same. Noting the success the company’s first-party releases have enjoyed to date, he said that there’s still plenty of room left for maximizing profits further, and one of the ways for Sony to do that is by being more “proactive” and “aggressive” with its multiplatform releases on PC.


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