Spider-Man 2 is Getting New Game Plus, More Suits Soon

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally adding its long-awaited New Game Plus mode soon, along with additional costumes and accessibility features. Insomniac finally released Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 5 last October to much critical and commercial success, with the game quickly becoming one of the developer's highest-selling titles of all time. As both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, players are tasked with defending New York City from a multitude of classic comic book villains, including Kraven the Hunter and a reimagined version of Venom. While Spider-Man 2 is considered by many to be an excellent game and a worthy follow-up to Insomniac’s previous Marvel titles, there were some aspects that players felt less than thrilled about. For example, the current lack of any New Game Plus or the ability to replay story chapters after they are beaten the first time means that players aren’t left with much to do after clearing Spider-Man 2’s primary campaign and many side quests. Insomniac has addressed this shortcoming, and promised eager fans that New Game Plus will be added to Spider-Man 2 sometime this year.


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