Square Enix is Making Some Big Changes

Square Enix will be overhauling how it produces games, according to comments made in the company's most recent financial briefing. The gaming giant controls a number of prized IP, including Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, while also publishing games from other major developers like PlatinumGames. While Square Enix develops a number of projects in-house, it has also outsourced quite a bit, leading to a staggeringly large portfolio of games. In recent years, the company has sold off a few valuable franchises, including Deus Ex and Tomb Raider, alongside some major studios like Eidos Montreal. It seems that these sales may have been connected to an effort to slim down overall gaming output, as a company financial Q&A earlier this month revealed that Square Enix would be focusing on both diversifying its portfolio while releasing fewer titles, pivoting from a long-time strategy of launching numerous mid-budget games in quick succession.


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