Tekken 8 Data Reveals Character You Should Never Use

Tekken 8 data has revealed which character you should probably learn if you don't already know and a character you should probably avoid like the plague despite how awesome they are. Some people pick up Tekken 8 for its campaign, but most are picking it up for its multiplayer, both local and online. To this end, if you're trying to jump into multiplayer, some new character data reveals which characters are worth your time if you want to be competitive, and which probably aren't. To this end, over on Reddit, a graphic showing character popularity among players is making the rounds, and there's one big standout; and that is the fact that nobody is playing Panda. In fact, the next least-used character is used double than Panda. That is how infrequently the character is used. How infrequently is the character used? Good question. Panda is used just 0.40% of the time. This means you could play over 100 matches online and never see the character once. In fact, not only can this happen, but it is likely. In previous games, Panda has never been a popular character, but this is a new low for her. To this end, it is obvious she needs some buffs.


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