Tekken 8 DLC Characters Supposedly Leaked

A new Tekken 8 leak is beginning to make the rounds, and if it is accurate, it leaks the DLC characters coming to the game, or at least some of them. Tekken 8 released last month via PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. When it shipped, it did so with a roster of 32 characters. This included 28 returning characters, one reworked character, and three brand new characters. This hasn't changed, but the plan is for it to change. According to X user Shootmans, who claims to have been using a cheat engine to datamine the game, there are three characters currently in the works. The dataminer provides evidence in a thread on X, but it should be noted they do not have a track record to back up this leak. As for the leaked characters, the first is Lidia, a character who made her debut in Tekken 7 as a DLC character. Within the game's universe, she is a karateka and the Prime Minister of Poland. The second character mentioned is Fahkumram, another Tekken 7 DLC character. A Muay Thai fighter fighting under the Thai military, he fights for he and his family's freedom. The third character mentioned is Marduk, a character that was introduced with Tekken 4. A former undefeated Vale Tudo champion who was disgraced due to a scandal. This, and other events, including serving prison time for his involvement in the death of Armor King, has left him motivated by rage and not much else. Now, assuming these characters are in the game's files, there are other explanations other than them being worked on as DLC fighters, though this seems most likely. The only other likely explanation is that these three characters were once in development for the game and were cut at some point. This would also explain why they are in the game's files, but not the game. Some have also theorized this is leftover code, as all three characters appear in Tekken 7 as DLC fighters.


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