V Rising is Coming to PS5 in 2024

Stunlock Studios has announced that its survival crafting action RPG V Rising is coming to PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the PS5 release doesn’t yet have a solid release date aside from a general 2024 window. Check out the PS5 announcement trailer for V Rising below. V Rising puts players in the shoes of vampires that have awoken a long time after the fear of vampires has been forgotten by the world at large. Players can take on the game’s challenges either solo, or as part of a co-op team where each player gets to build their own vampiric lair. Along with base-building and general survival, V Rising also features an emphasis on action. Players can drink the blood of various animals and other enemies in the world, absorbing their power in the process. Near gear can also be created to help deal more damage to the over 50 different bosses that can be fought in the game. In a twist on the vampiric power fantasy, players will find themselves incredibly weak during the day, and will have to stick to the shadows if they want to survive the damaging effects of the harsh sunlight.


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