Valheim Ashlands update introduces new weapon crafting gems

We’ve seen a lot of the Valheim Ashlands and the dangers that await us there, so it’s about time developer Iron Gate furnished us with some ways to tackle these troubles. Fortunately, they’ve done just that with a look at a new Valheim weapon crafting system set to be introduced as part of the next biome for the Viking survival game. Senior developer Jonathan Smårs, lead artist Robin Eyre, and community manager Josefin Berntsson share some new information about how we’ll be defending ourselves in the team’s latest ‘walk and talk’ video. Eyre says that gear progression in the Valheim Ashlands “will look like how Mistlands was,” so expect a similar feeling to the last new biome to land in the co-op survival game. “Hopefully you’ll find the resources you need, you’ll get it and you’ll get some starter equipment, and then as you progress through the whole biome you’ll get some much-needed special gear; weapons, mostly.” Among of the coolest new features are special gems you’ll discover as you explore that will allow you to upgrade Flametal weapons – that’s those made from the new Ashlands resource, as you’d probably expect. There are three different colors: red, blue, and green. Each of them can be used to forge your weapon of choice into a blood weapon, a storm weapon, or a nature weapon respectively, each of which has their own unique effects.


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