Wild New Elden Ring Hack is Letting Cheaters Ride on Flying Bugs

One unlucky Elden Ring invader ran into another player using a hack that allowed them to fly around on a bug. Elden Ring is one of FromSoftware’s most successful titles, having won numerous awards, including Best Role-Playing Game in 2022 and even Best Multiplayer at various ceremonies. FromSoftware games are known for their challenging combat and formidable bosses that require players to learn their attack patterns to defeat them successfully. However, some Elden Ring players often utilize exploits like duplicating items to gain numerous Runes in order to level up quickly and have an easier time. While it is generally accepted by some to use these exploits in the single-player experience, most gamers draw the line at bringing them into the multiplayer aspect of the game, as it would then affect others. The problem is not exclusive to Elden Ring, with almost every FromSoftware title to date having had an issue with hackers ruining multiplayer despite the games having anti-cheat software.


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