Apex Legends Dev Comments on Ranked Duos

A developer at Respawn Entertainment has provided an update about the possibility of Ranked Duos coming to Apex Legends, revealing that there are no current plans for the mode. While Apex Legends has a regular Duos option for fans who enjoy playing on smaller squads, some were hoping for a more competitive version of the mode. Apex Legends added Duos as a permanent mode in April 2020, meaning that it has been a major feature of the battle royale for almost four years. As the name suggests, the mode allows players to play on smaller teams and is favored by some in the game's community. For example, the change from three to two-player squads makes finding a premade group easier. In addition, the mode is potentially better for solo-queue players thanks to more potential for 1v1 engagements. While not every player focuses on the mode, some of the advantages of the smaller team size have led to calls from the community for a dedicated Ranked option to be implemented.


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