Bungie’s Original Marathon is Coming to Steam

Excited for the launch of Bungie’s multiplayer extraction shooter Marathon, even if it’s still a ways off (rumors claim it’s delayed to next year)? Want to experience the original classics? There’s good news: Classic Marathon is coming to Steam, allowing newer PC players to get their hands on it. Of course, this isn’t the same version from 1994, but Aleph One. It’s an open-source version of the title that fans have supported over the years. Available under the GNU General Public License, it’s the same game as the original but with widescreen HUD support, 60+ FPS interpolation, positional audio and even a 3D perspective and filtering. Marathon is considered a classic among old-school Bungie fans, which showcases several ideas that would eventually influence the Halo series. Classic Marathon doesn’t have a release window on Steam, and there’s no word on whether Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon: Infinity are also coming. Stay tuned for updates in the meantime.


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