Dead Island 2 SoLA DLC Confirmed For April 17

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver has announced that the second story expansion for Dead Island 2, titled SoLA, will launch on April 17, 2024. SoLA is set against the backdrop of a Californian must festival, which is built on ancient grounds. The DLC opens as a new virus sweeps through the Valley, transforming everyone into marauding zombies; players are lured to the festival by a warning message, and must explore SoLA’s ruins to thwart this otherworldly presence. Dead Island 2’s latest DLC introduces a number of new undead foes to battle, including the Whipper, which self-mutilates and can use its disembowelled intestine as a long-rage attack. Meanwhile, the the Clotter is able to decompose into an invulnerable pile of gore, before reforming and continuing to attack. Meanwhile, the Ripper is added to your arsenal of weapons, and takes the form of a baseball bat and circular saw that is capable of tearing the undead part. Complementing this is the Sawblade Launcher, which offers ranged decapitation and dismemberment by firing off rotary sawblades.


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