GTA 6 Release Date Revealed by Source Who Leaked the Trailer

According to the source who leaked the GTA 6 trailer ahead of its official reveal by Rockstar Games, the GTA 6 release date is sooner than every Grand Theft Auto fan thinks. It has been a few months since Rockstar Games revealed the first GTA 6 trailer for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S alongside a 2025 release date. When in 2025 GTA 6 is going to release, Rockstar Games did not say at the time, and this has not changed. In fact, there still isn't even any word, official or unofficial, of when the second GTA 6 trailer will release. What we do have is a narrowed down release date though from a source worth paying attention. Before the GTA 6 trailer was revealed in December, a random, anonymous source popped up online with details about the trailer. The Internet quickly wrote the post off due to the anonymous nature of the source and the likelihood it was yet another fake GTA 6 rumor. That said, the post was legit, leaking details about the trailer they could have never possibly known unless what they said was true, which was that they had seen the trailer early. In the same leak, what was said is that the GTA 6 release date was sometime during Q1, which is to say during the first three months of the year. The months January and February are specifically cited. It has also been noted by this source, however, that this has not been locked in, with a delay possible. Things change all the time in game development, especially when the game in question is one of the largest, most expensive game ever made, if not the largest and most expensive game ever made. Further, Rockstar Games has a history of delaying initial release dates, so chances this date -- if real -- will stick are shaky at best.


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