Halo Infinite Reveals New Additions Coming With March Update

343 Industries has outlined what will soon be coming to Halo Infinite as part of the game's latest update for March. Since its launch back in 2021, 343 has continued to add more content to the latest Halo installment, primarily on the multiplayer front. In recent months, Halo Infinite has revealed that it will move away from seasonal formats and will instead have "Operations", which will instead last for a shorter period of time. Now, in the wake of the latest Cyber Showdown Operation going live, more details on what else is planning for Halo Infinite in March have been provided. Outlined in a new blog on the Halo website, 343 revealed that it plans to fine-tune some specific weapons in Halo Infinite soon. The weapons that will be receiving small tweaks include the M392 Bandit, Heatwave, Plasma Pistol, Stalker Rifle, and VK78 Commando. Beyond this, the Gravity Hammer is also going to be getting nerfed in a manner that will cut its power in half. However, this change is only due to a previous bug with the Gravity Hammer that was doubling its attack power unintentionally. Outside of this, the biggest tweak that 343 plans to make with this Halo Infinite is tied to the game's network function. Previously, many Halo Infinite players have complained about errors tied to the online infrastructure that the game is built on. 343 heard this feedback and says it has since been working on "a completely overhauled networking model" that should cut back on many of the problems that have plagued Infinite. Hopefully, this update works as intended and doesn't lead to any further issues coming about on this front. As for when all of these adjustments are expected to roll out, 343 Industries has said that the March update for Halo Infinite will drop this week on Tuesday, March 19.


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