Helldivers 2 Has Sold Over 8 Million Copies Estimates TD Cowen Analyst

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 is a great success, which is even more noteworthy when other live service titles (like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Skull and Bones) have faltered or failed. Studio CEO Johan Pilestedt indicated that it sold almost three million units last month, but the current figure could be higher. In a recent report, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier cited TD Cowen analyst Doug Creutz, who estimated recently that the co-op shooter had sold over 8 million copies. Neither Sony nor Arrowhead has officially confirmed the same, but Creutz added that the numbers are growing weekly. “We believe the game has performed well ahead of expectations.” It certainly lines up with UK sales data, which confirmed it was the best-selling title in the region for February, and Circana revealing that US sales continued to increase in the third week of launch. It even topped the PlayStation Store charts for February, narrowly beating Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.


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