Helldivers 2 Players All Agree on the Only Useless Stratagem

Helldivers 2 players all agree on what the most useless stratagem in the game is. "Useless stratagem" is a strong pair of words when talking about Helldivers 2, because Arrowhead Game Studios has done any excellent job with the game balance and ensuring everything has function, if not serious legs in various strategies. That said, it is hard to make a case for the machine gun sentry. To this end, one player recently took to Reddit to make note of the stratagem, calling it "useless." That said, the post -- which just about the entire game's Reddit page agrees with based on the popularity of the post and all the comments that echo the sentiment -- points out, there is a pretty easy fix to make it better. The problem the sentry gun faces right now is that after level five, it does become pretty redundant. As the Reddit post points out though, if you give it a cool down of one minute, which in turns allows it to be called down quite often, it could have some actual utility. Whether Arrowhead Game Studios will ever do this, who knows, but the post is one of the top posts on the game's Reddit page this week, so someone at the studio has no doubt seen this suggestion.


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