Indie hit Balatro clears 1 million copies

Hit indie Poker roguelike, Balatro, has now sold over one million copies during its first month on sale, publisher Playstack has said. “We’re incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm from players worldwide,” said Harvey Elliott, CEO of Playstack, in a prepared statement on Monday. “The game’s success is a testament to the quality and creativity that the indie sector can deliver, proving that even in uncertain times, innovative games can thrive. We extend our deepest thanks to every player who has joined us on this adventure.” In another statement, LocalThunk, the solo developer behind Balatro, shared their gratitude for the game’s reception. “I’m so grateful to all the players and people that have made this happen. I still can’t grasp the response to this game, and I am overjoyed that so many people have been able to have fun with my silly creation. I’m so fortunate that I can continue working on my passion as a career. Thank you!”. According to Playstack, LocalThunk “is committed to keep working on both the game’s core experience and making it accessible to even more players.” Last week the solo developer confirmed plans for a mobile version of Balatro, as well as post-launch support that they said would likely add “more secrets” to the experience.


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