Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is Out June 27th on Nintendo Switch

A sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie and release date for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door weren’t the only announcements Nintendo had in store for MAR10 Day 2024. It also confirmed that Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is launching on June 27th for Nintendo Switch. Developed by Next Level Games of Luigi’s Mansion 3 fame and based on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, the remaster sees Luigi battling his nemesis King Boo once more. After the latter breaks the Dark Moon into five pieces, causing the ghosts of Evershade Valley to go berserk, the plumber ventures to different mansions to collect them. Each mansion offers unique themes, layouts and puzzles to solve. Luigi also has new gadgets like the Dark-Light Device to reveal hidden doors and objects. It also features co-op in the ScareScrapper, with four players working to clear randomly generated floors of ghosts. Stay tuned for more details on the Nintendo Switch version in the coming months.


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