Metro Series Publishing Rights Will Remain with Embracer

It’s been officially announced that Saber Interactive is splitting from parent company Embracer Group, with the deal also seeing the latter divesting many (but not all) of the studios that had been previously operating under the Saber label. But what exactly does the deal stipulate for Metro developer 4A Games, which lists Saber Interactive as its parent company? Embracer Group and Saber Interactive’s deal includes an option for the latter to purchase both 4A Games and Zen Studios (developer of the Zen Pinball series). Due to “commercial reasons”, Embracer and Saber haven’t mentioned the exact price that has been set for both studios, but say that it “reflects at least the studios’ market value and is significantly higher than the current net book value (including goodwill) of USD 81 million (SEK 829 million).” This will be on top of additional “earnout liabilities of approximately USD 31 million (SEK 317 million)”. Interestingly, however, even if Saber should exercise the option to acquire 4A Games, long-term licensing and publishing rights for all existing and future PC and console Metro games will be retained by Embracer-owned PLAION. Metro publisher Deep Silver was merged into PLAION last year. Embracer has also retained control and ownership of 4A Games’ next AAA project (which will presumably be the next Metro game). Meanwhile, another Metro title is also currently in the works, with Vertigo Games developing the VR-exclusive first-person shooter Metro Awakening.


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