New Command and Conquer remasters could be coming

Command and Conquer is suddenly back. After 14 years in semi hiatus, barring the launch of the excellent Remastered Collection, the defining RTS series has been relaunched on Steam and heavily discounted. Kane’s Wrath, Yuri’s Revenge, Red Alert 3 – some of the most-loved C&C classics have made a valiant return, as the once-presumed-dead strategy series suddenly springs back to life. Now, there’s even more promising news. In a statement to the Command and Conquer community, EA makes a subtle reference to a possible new collection of remasters. Combined with some potentially telling updates elsewhere, if you loved the revamped versions of Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn, a new Command and Conquer collection could be in the works. A totally new Command and Conquer is long overdue. My hope right now is that the recent relaunch of the RTS game series could herald a refreshed interest both from players and EA. The Ultimate Collection, which includes Command and Conquer 3, Red Alert 3, and several others, is certainly the perfect way to introduce newcomers to the C&C world. Combined with 2020’s Remastered Collection, all the classics are now finally readily available. But more Command and Conquer could be coming. We have two potential hints.


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