No Rest for the Wicked Enters Steam Early Access on April 18th

Moon Studios ended its showcase for No Rest for the Wicked by announcing that the action RPG will launch on PC via Steam Early Access on April 18th. It’s available to wishlist now, and while the developer has “an idea” for how long early access should be, “This may change based on feedback and the desire to reach the Moon level of quality. We’ll be sharing updates along the way.” The early access version includes the first chapter of the campaign, boss battles, a “large variety” of weapons, armor, skills and crafting options, and daily and weekly bounties and challenges. You can complete quests to learn more about the world and its residents alongside upgrading, enchanting and adding Runes to gear. Players can also purchase a home and furnish a home. The Cerim Crucible dungeon, which serves as the endgame, will also be available. Moon Studios also confirmed that the price will increase after the game exits early access. No Rest for the Wicked is also in development for Xbox Series X/S and PS5.


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