Sea of Stars Crosses 5 Million Players

Helldivers 2 players were tasked this week with activating the "Terminid Control System" in new missions rolled out to continue the evolving fight against the Terminid threat. While the Helldivers 2 story progressed in that way, the Terminid armies evolved, too, with players now spotting flying bugs in their missions much to their surprise. According to Helldivers 2 devs, however, reports of the flying bugs are simply instances of "propaganda from bug sympathizers," and the Ministry of Truth from Super Earth urged Helldivers not to put any stock into these kinds of rumors. The flying bugs are very much real, however, with the comments from the devs playing into the satirical Super Earth in Helldivers 2. These flying Terminids are apparently tied to certain side objectives in missions, too, and players are already devising the best strategies to take them out. Helldivers 2 Players Spot Flying Bugs These flying Terminids seem to have been added after the game's latest update was released, a patch which nerfed the Chargers but apparently added a new kind of threat to deal with. Players posted in the Helldivers 2 subreddit their encounters with the flying bugs in clips like the one below that showed them descending on parties.


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