Sony Has Reportedly Paused PS VR2 Production

Prior to its launch, Sony said it was expecting the PlayStation VR2 to outsell its predecessor, but things have certainly not panned out that way thus far. Over a year on from its launch, the PS VR2 has all but faded into obscurity, with a number of factors – from its high price to a dearth of meaningful software support – contributing to the virtual reality headset’s low sales. In fact, the PS VR2’s sales have dipped so low that Sony has reportedly frozen further production for the device. That’s as per a report published by Bloomberg, which claims that, according to sources familiar with Sony’s plans, PS VR2 sales have “slowed progressively” since its release in February, which has resulted in an accumulation of unsold stock. The company has reportedly manufactured “well over” 2 million units of the headset thus far, and with is focus currently on clearing a backlog of existing unsold units, it has put a pause on future manufacturing. Reports of the PlayStation VR2 failing to meet Sony’s expectations have been around since before the device even launched, while shortly after its release last year, it was claimed that the company had slashed its production plans for the headset in response to disappointing sales. Last month, Sony revealed that it was testing support for PC VR games on the PlayStation VR2, with plans to launch the feature sometime this year.


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